I’m Alive … Kind Of

pumpkin by the pool

I’m alive … kind of! Life has been going at warp speed it seems and I’ve had barely a spare moment to do anything but work. I’ve worked 110 hours during the last two weeks. I’m definitely ready for things to settle down a bit. I need some serious time to lounge in and by the pool. At 104 degrees today, Summer has arrived in Sacramento! I’m ready to dive into summer head on. I’m ready to have weekends free to ride my bike all over this great state of CA. I’m ready to get home from work at a decent enough hour to go for a run. My fitness has suffered significantly the last two months.

I’m mapping out the next three months to make sure I eek out every minute of my favorite time of the year – and I have some fun stuff planned that I can’t wait to share here.

Anybody else going at warp speed? I’m going to make like my cat and soak up this first free day I’ve had in two weeks by taking an afternoon snooze in between some pool time. And there might be some listening to this over and over.

Happy Sunday! Happy Summer!


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