I Finally Have A To Do List App That Works

clear app to do listFinally! A To Do List App that works for me. I’ve tried so many and they’ve never worked out for me before. I always ended up back at a paper list. The Clear app (for iOS) is super simple and doing the trick for me now that I’ve figured out how to use an electronic to do list for my needs. And now that Clear has added reminders, it has everything I need to keep me on track.

I use Clear on my iPhone for work and at the end of each work day, I make a list of the 5 most important things I need to get done the next day. I’ll drag each item around to put them in order of importance. I also may have a few future to do list items that I need a reminder for. When I start my work day, I simply work through my list, swiping away at things that I get completed. Of course, some days I have a few items on the list to carryover to the next day. But keeping only the 5 most important things to accomplish has somehow helped me to get more done. Maybe because I have so much going on right now, I need to keep my to do list small and attainable and take one day at a time.

The most important thing is it’s working! The Clear app at $4.99 is a little pricey considering how simple it is (there are definitely to do list apps out there that cost twice as much), but for me it was worth the price to help keep me on track.


    • says

      I’ve tried them all too it seems. This one is really working for me. I think because I’m keeping things super simple.

  1. Lourdes says

    You always blog about the coolest apps. I have to try this. I’ve lost track of todo list apps that I’ve tried and ditched.