Podcasts! I’m in love.

podcastsOn my trip to Texas I fell in love with podcasts. Years ago I used to listen to the Savage Love podcast here and there. But when getting ready for my 3.5 hour flight to Texas I decided to download the podcast series from one of my favorite bloggers. I had passed on this podcast series previously because 1) I don’t blog for money, 2) I’m not crafty, 3) I don’t make and sell anything. BUT! Lo and behold it was interesting, informative, and held my attention. And I learned a few things.

It’s the learning that hooked me. And the way I could close my eyes and lean my head back but still have something helping me pass the time. Throughout each podcast I would hear something I would want to remember for the future – a book to read, another site to check out – and I could pick up my phone and make a note of it while the podcast continued playing. Ranging from 35-45 minutes long, they were the perfect way to pass the time. Each episode also downloads quickly.

So while preparing for my flight home I searched around for other podcasts to download. And found interviews with Amy Poehler, Bryan Cranston, Edie Falco, and Amy Shumer. Did you know Edie Falco and James Gandolfini basically had no friendship/relationship whatsoever with each other outside of their Soprano characters?? Me neither!

I’m on the hunt for all kinds of podcasts now. I found this list online and think I’ll try a few. You can always start with the old standbys of NPR’s Fresh Air or This American Life. I’ll also be listening soon to Jennifer Snyder’s Creating Your Own Path series where she interviews creative entrepreneurs who have chosen non-traditional career paths.

Are you a podcast listener? Have any recommendations?

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    I love podcasts!! I’m a comedy podcast junkie: Joe Rogan’s is a great one. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is another fave. I don’t listen to many informative ones lol. Weird Medicine would be the one exception. My husband is a car freak and he listens to a lot of car podcasts. I can’t imagine doing all my housework or driving without my podcasts!