A Much Needed Rest

sleeping catA much needed rest from everything besides the essentials in life is sometimes needed. And this was me over the last week. A giant goal/project at work I’ve been working on for the last year is almost complete, and this week was the start of the big finale – just two hurdles left to jump over in the next 4 weeks. The thing about this project is that almost all of it depended upon relationship building and for me that can be exhausting. Side note: I highly recommend this Ted Talk: the power of introverts.

By Friday afternoon while the weight of this project had started to lift the rest of me felt like crawling under my desk and taking a very long nap. While I’d done away with all extraneous tasks in the last week to help stay focused, I knew a much needed rest was in store for this weekend.

And that’s what I’ve done since Saturday afternoon. I laid down and rested my thoughts and my brain and stayed away from everyone else. I’m going to finish my weekend reveling in the mundane: cleaning my bike, vacuuming my house, washing my car, and getting caught up on laundry.

Shutting my brain off and doing the mundane are my favorite ways to take a break and reset my energy. How do you rest/reset?

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc